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Our Services...
Garden Designs:  We offer computer generated
garden designs and consulting services to assist you with
the designing of your dream garden.  
Click here to see
our most recent garden designs.
Lawn & Garden Maintenance:  We offer weekly,
bi-weekly, and monthly lawn and garden maintenance
includes: watering, mowing, trimming, and servicing).  
Garden Landscaping:  We offer a full array of
landscaping services (
includes: constructing ponds,
fences, and walkways; planting trees, shrubs, and
flowers; and installing the finishing touches such as
garden lighting, statues, ceramics, and outdoor furniture).
Exporting:  We offer fast and reliable shipping of
everything on our website (
includes: furniture, statues,
and ceramics) to anywhere in the world.  Please contact
us for a price list.
Service Pictures:
We are available to transport new
trees to your home or removal
unwanted trees or plants......
Our professional botanist can
recognise plant disease and can help
homeowners nurse sick plants back
to health...

perfect green lawn and we make sure We help homeowners maintain the
it stays that way even when you are